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serve. its about time.

The last post concerning Reese should have been posted over a week ago. Since then my heart and mind have been lifted.  There are two specific moments that made all the difference.

The first one was when a phone call from a friend brought me to tears, she was asking about the results of Reese’s tests.  When I got off the phone my oldest son sat at the table eating breakfast covering his ears.  He then said, “I don’t like to see you cry mom, besides what is so bad about having a hearing loss? Alexander is just like one of us. You taught me that. “ The kicker was when he said, “Heavenly Father made Reese how she is for a reason, it is going to be okay”.  I am not exaggerating, he said those exact words and he has repeated them more than once since then.  He’s right.

The other turning point was a comment from my husband.  I was only allowed a day or two to mope around the house, stomping my feet declaring life was just not fair before he asked “Who have you served lately?"  The only way you will get over your sadness is by serving someone else”. That was so not what I wanted to hear, but figured I would take his advice. 

Besides the normal things I do everyday for the family, I had not served anyone.  A list was made and I went to work.  I started out by inviting neighbors over for dinner, the next day I made cookies for a friend.  After that I offered to drive a friends child to preschool. All of these were simple things, but each time I served someone I came closer to feeling myself again.  Before we knew it Reese and I found ourselves in Utah spending the day making meals and cookies for my grandparents.

(Reese’s first plane trip at 7 weeks old).


It was a pleasure offering what little service I could to my grandparents.  In the end they did more for me then I did for them. Isn’t that always true when you serve? 

With the concern that my Grandma Naomi, (our Naomi Reese’s namesake) would not be with us much longer, my mom arranged the trip for the two Naomi’s to meet.  Thanks mom, it was perfect in every way. 

Reese was more than willing to warm her lap from morning until the late evening giving me a glimpse of what heaven will be like.  It will be filled with family, love, and lots of chocolate.


Great Grandma Naomi, Grandma Marcia, Mom, Reese


The trip was not all service, unless you consider skiing with my dad a service. Smile

Adventure Photo (3)

He is a fabulous skier, it was fabulous snow, on a fabulous day.


What a blessing it was to step away from my busy life and take a few days to get rejuvenated emotionally and spiritually.  Now I am geared up for another great journey ahead.


Thanks for your positive comments, it means so much to know there are so many cheerleaders on my side.

It is time to get to work!

Reese 2 months old

(Reese two months old).


MB said...

She is just gorgeous!!

7 weeks postpartum and you are skiing? I could barely get up the energy to get out of bed at that point. You are super woman!

tammy said...

ok, now I have tears - starting with your son's words to your husband's to your wonderful trip to see grandma (the best therapy ever in my book) to remembering the day I realized, "enough with the moping, it's time to get to work". I wonder if every mom who goes through this remembers that "enough already" day as well as the day they were told about the hearing loss? . Reese is lucky you all were chosen for her ... especially with all those great older brothers!

PS - she's gorgeous!

Ben's Mom said...

What a beautiful baby girl! Your post brought tears to my eyes. This is what it is all about, isn't it? What wise words and what a wonderful family you have. I look forward to watching Reese grow and learn! Big hugs!!!

Lily's Mom said...

Hello. This post and your last post brought tears to my eyes. Our two children are both deaf due to Connexin 26. Our baby boy, also Alexander, was born in August. When we found out he has a hearing loss also we felt many of the same things. I felt like we had been through much of the hard work and were just "cruising" with Lily doing so well hearing and speaking with her CIs. When we learned of Alexander's diagnosis, I thought "Here we go again." When I was pregnant with Alexander I wasn't sure what to pray for. I didn't want him to have a hearing loss, but I also didn't want Lily to be the only one, with no one to relate to. I left it up to the Lord and He blessed us with a beautiful healthy baby boy who also happens to have a hearing loss. I believe that he and his sister will have a tight bond and will be very close. There are many challenges that come with having two children with special needs. Most days I feel up to the challenge, but there will always be the days when it feels like too much. Those are the days when I hand it over to God and let him carry me and my family until I'm strong enough again. Reese is beautiful! I will keep your family in my prayers.