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we are very merry

Christmas reminds me of the love, peace, and joy that are intended for us. I realize in many families and parts of the world they are not experienced throughout the year; that my friends is why I love Christmas. It is a time when we can all taste the sweetness of love, peace and joy.  It can be in a gift, music or the beautiful Christmas lights that light up the city. 

For me, I am reminded of the joy Alexander brings when he speaks.  He has funny stories to share.  It was two years ago when the only Christmas wish I had was for Alexander to have the ability to share his thoughts and feelings with us. It was a Christmas wish I held close to my heart all the year through. Their were a lot of hands that played a part in the wish; the doctors, therapists, his mind and our family.  He is joy in so many ways.

When I think of writing a wishlist for Christmas, I can think of a million wants, but then am quickly reminded that my real Christmas wish already came true.

Here, a very distracted Alexander (trying to watch an NBA basketball game behind me) wishes you a Merry Christmas!

He has been listening with cochlear implants for 23 months.

He is almost 3-yrs-old.

What joy have you found this Christmas season?

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MB said...

I love this video. He is doing SO WELL!