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for the love of our birthday boy

january 007

“It’s my birthday! I’m three!”

january 008

…this is the greatest…why can’t we have brownie sundaes for dinner every night?

january 002

…mom, please I am trying to concentrate on my wish…

january 003

…really brothers, this bowl is ALL mine, hands off!

january 014

The favorite presents are airplanes (of course) and Dora Bandages.

As much as we try to suppress it and hide it, her number one fan lives in our house.

“Ah, man!”

dear alexander, i wish you a happy birthday. you are such a sweet, happy boy.  you giggle and laugh all the time, which makes us laugh too.  at the dinner table tonight dallin told you he loved you because you always ask for a hug when he arrives home from school. he doesn’t give them out freely. most of us know that.  so you have found a special place in his heart.  zachary said he loves you because you are always willing to play with him or sit next to him while he is building.  dad adores you, and admires your determination.  you never give up.  i love every piece of you. i love that you still can have full conversations without your “ears” on. you’re not supposed to be able to do that.  you exceed expectations.  that is who you are.  i love that i am your mom.

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MB said...

Happy Birthday, Alexander! Time flies. Can't believe you are already 3!!