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gobble, gobble


A game we played throughout November was called Alexander’s Turkey Likes…..

I would either give him clues such as “something yellow and bumpy”

or I would give him a list of food items such as “cranberries, potatoes and bananas”.

He would have to put them in the turkey’s tummy (on the plate) in the order I listed them in.

I plan to make a Christmas activity using the same idea, but challenging him with more complex clues, or a longer list of objects.

Here my pantsless indian (potty training) showing off his headband he made at school.chicago 001

Something we do every November is make gratitude turkeys for a family night activity. It is a wonderful language activity, especially since we are working on subject and object pronouns and descriptive words. Conversations have gone as follows. “I really like Zachary’s turkey. He made a yellow, pointed beak on the turkeys face. His turkey looks happy! What can you tell me about your turkey?”

claudia visiting, november 071

Hope you had a wonderful November!

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