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silent night

Tonight delicious dark chocolate chip cookies with swirls of cinnamon were pulled from my oven. They were perfectly golden, fluffy and moist. So good in fact, I couldn’t keep them to myself.


Plates of cookies were made for neighbors and distributed.  I can’t resist sharing my sweets, especially to those who will appreciate them as much as I do.

While biting into the last cookie I read through my emails only to come across one from Chattering Children, Alexander’s auditory-verbal therapy organization.  His therapist, Sarah, is incredible, much like the cookies.  So, so good, I can’t keep her or the rest of the group to myself.  Alexander’s success is largely attributed to the teaching he’s received from Chattering Children.


(Alexander 10-months-old).

After he was diagnosed with hearing loss the most important and life altering decisions needed to be made.  We wondered what would be best for him?  Would it be hearing aids or implants?  How could he succeed in a world with so many expectations?  Chattering Children has answered our questions and given us the hope that we need.  Even more importantly they have continued to support us along Alexander’s road to listening and talking. 

Believing in something that has been so good to us makes it easy to support them.  I recently volunteered as an event committee member for the upcoming Silent Night Benefit. It is my hope to raise money to help keep this sweet and incrediable office open for children like Alexander. 


(Alexander 27-months-old).


Most of my family and friends are out of the area, so actually attending the auction will not be possible, but your contributions are accepted!

Tickets cost $150, which is the cost for a child to attend therapy one and a half times.  The event is in one week so choose to support Chattering Children now.

Leave an email address under the comments or email me at


A brief history and auction details are below.

Established in 1999, Chattering Children is a non-profit agency providing an array of services for children with hearing loss.  Chattering Children’s programs are anchored by Auditory-Verbal Therapy and are offered at the organization’s McLean Center and throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan Region.  The organization serves a diverse population but focuses primarily on working to provide services to underserved populations.  20% of the practice’s caseload includes families covered by Medicaid while another 25% receive services in their homes contracted through the Early Intervention program in the region.    Families served include many who are non-English speaking as well as those who are culturally deaf.  Through their success and unwavering commitment, Chattering Children has become a leader in the region for the organization’s unique expertise in promoting listening and spoken skills for deaf children. 

Chattering Children’s Silent Night Benefit, the organization’s first large benefit, is being held on Thursday, May 20, 2010, in Georgetown.  The event is supported by the Washington’s Redskins as team member Reed Doughty, who suffers from hearing disabilities, will be at the event taking pictures, signing autographs, and playing games with children.   A full bar and delicious food service will be provided. 

The event begins at 6 pm with the VIP pre-party.  Here guests are able to get their pictures taken and chat with Redskin’s Reed Doughty.  Guests may bring items they wish to be autographed however Redskin’s party favors suitable for signing will be provided.    VIP tickets cost $250 and include earlier entry into the party, one-on-one time with Reed Doughty, and opportunities for photos, autographs, and games. 

At 7 pm, the doors will open to general ticket holders.  These tickets cost $150.  

The event will include a live auction with such items as:

  • Dinner at Morton’s for 6;
  • Griffin Market dinner for 4 and Wine Library;
  • George’s at the Four Seasons Salon Package;
  • Redskins Kick-Off Kid Package (Your child, ages 5-16, will assist the Special Teams by removing the kicking tee after kick-off at a 2010 Washington Redskins home game at FedEx Field.  This prize package includes two game tickets, parking and two pre-game field passes.)
  • Donations by dollar amount.

Link to the Invitation:

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