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AG Bell Free Offer

I love FREE, so this caught my attention!


AG Bell is pleased to offer a FREE six month trial membership for parents and families of children who are deaf or hard of hearing new to our community.

Click on AG Bell text for more details.

Other parents of children with hearing loss have found the membership very helpful, especially once their children graduate from early childhood education programs.  From my understanding with the membership comes a newsletter or magazine which provides information about developing technology and other useful hearing loss tools.


The more I know the better I can prepare my son for his future.

I’m interested to know if you’re a member already?  Has the membership been beneficial for your family?


MB said...

We went to their annual convention when Marielle was around Alexander's age. The speakers were awesome, as was their daycare program for the kids.

You'll get a magazine as well as a more scientific journal. We love AG Bell! And not just because Marielle was the cover girl of their magazine when she was around 9 months. ;)

MB said...

PS There is an open house at their HQ in DC in 2 weeks. You should go!!

Naomi said...

Have you managed to get the link to work? I tried joining on their site and it just kept going back to the page to put your address details. I emailed them but didn't get a response.