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come play

you are not shy.

which i am okay with most of the time.

you are always the first to kindly ask the solicitor or the nice ups guy at the door to “come play, come inside”.

really, buddy. no thank you.

random 022

you REALLY love to play with anyone and anything.

all of the time.

random 001 

most of all you LOVE to play with footballs. 

night and day it sits in yours arms, unless you’re eating. only then do you let me pry it out of your arms and it sits in the seat next to you.

today at the store you picked out a water football. it was $1 so i couldn’t resist. watching you in the pool swim to it again and again made it completely worth every penny.

you also like playing basketball with a football.  i am sure plenty of kids shoot a football through a hoop over and over again.  just not your brothers. they declare it is too difficult.

grandparents beans visit 061

i love your new ball words and expressions. you overheard someone on tv shout “play ball!” in a really low voice. since then at the sight of a baseball you shout, “play ball” in a similar voice.

love it.

i love all of you.

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Emily said...

I just saw Alexander's video on the Chattering Children website - love it! I've run across your blog before, but never made the connection to you being the same person that I see at Chattering Children when I bring Noah.