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too loud

over the summer we traveled. a lot.

blue angels

many exciting outdoor shows were watched, namely the Blue Angels.

in this and other environments when alexander can not figure out where the noise if coming from, he often climbs into my lap and covers his eyes. it breaks my heart knowing it is his way of asking for help. too much. too loud. it what he says.


for the show we took off his ears. 

he enjoyed every crazy maneuver from that time on.


anyone ever have the same experience?


Calley said...

That is interesting that he covers his eyes when he is stressed by the noise. He must be trying to decrease the amount of stimuli coming at him. Does he take them off himself?

My 2 year old just rips her CI's off as fast as she can and then cries if she gets startled, or decides she's had it. She really hates the singing at church. It's just too much for her. Weird enough, she LOVES fireworks!! Absolutely loves them! 4th of July was a giggle-fest right under them on the beach!

Hope he continues to do well and with time I'm sure he'll learn how to better tell you what's wrong. Keep up the good work, mama!

MB said...

Mari was really freaked out by all the sound at a college football game on Saturday. Had to take her CI off and her hearing aid, then she was happy.

Braden and Whitney said...

I just found your blog today, and I'm so happy I did! Just this past week we had an ABR done on our 10 month old daughter and found she has sever hearing loss in her left and moderate hearing loss in the right ear. Our hearts broke for her! BUT after we got over the initial shock, we realized that technology today is AsEsOmE! And we're so lucky that that is her only problem!
We'll be going to the hearing aid evaluation in a few weeks - how does your little guy handle having the behind the ear hearing aids?
Evie, our daughter, is 10 months. She's SUCH a spunky and busy girl! I'm worried that it's going to be a nightmare keeping the hearing aids on her!? I'd love some advice from you! I'm so glad I found your blog! Thanks for sharing! I'm so thankful for my ears too :)