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Since we chose not to enroll Alexander into the well acclaimed  River School this spring semester we decided to invest money into some Mom and Me Movement classes. 

The school is absolutely amazing offering everything and more of what Alexander needs for speech, language and social development, unfortunately the tuition is too steep.

For now we have only attended free trail classes from various gyms around the area. 

Our hope is to offer an opportunity for social and motor development with me at his side acting as his speech therapist. What a blast he has had rolling, jumping, running and laughing with other playmates his age. 


Eventually my plan is to have a free music/movement class at my house once a week.  That way I can choose who comes,  the content being covered and I can intertwine language development in the learning fun.

I am sure that is how the River School began

A mother of a child diagnosed with a hearing loss designing her own school that would benefit not only her own child, but all who came.


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MB said...

Even if we could afford River, the drive would KILL me.

We enrolled Marielle in some classes at JW Tumbles, just south of Worldgate in Herndon. She loved it! She's also seeing a music therapist in Herndon who is awesome.