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Alexander is exploding with words.
He has his brothers to thank for always bombarding him with what they want him to say next.
We enjoyed a quiet snack time conversation. I ended up doing most of the talking, but he demonstrated great listening skills.
Dinner time at our house a few days later.


Ben's Mom said...

Shooting for 10:00

See you there!

Jenny- Sienna's mom said...

Love the videos
Love his big blue eyes
Love the listening
Love him immitating his older brothers
Keep the videos coming!

tammy said...

Wow, he is doing so amazing! I love how he imitates his brothers ... you can see those big ol' blue eyes just light up when they're around. Just amazing!

I've been meaning to come by here and leave you a msg in response to your comment, but have been crazy. Why don't you email me off line and we can chat about Aiden's school. Maybe you can meet Kate and I one morning for coffee? We can travel to meet you half way or we can try a playdate at a park right after school. My email is Kate gave me yours, but I forgot it! ; )