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unlocking potential

dear alexander,

your left ear was "turned on" today. you didn't embrace the moment like you did before, when your right ear was activated. i know it is uncomfortable, you tell me so when you say "ow" and "no". your new ear is fuzzy and it bothers you. watching you in pain makes me want to take all the wires off then run away with you, away from it all. though i know and you will know that all of this will be for the best. i promise the pain will go away. over time everything will become clearer. for now we will take it one day at a time, you and me together to unlock your potential.

love always,



tammy said...

Oh I hate what our little guys have to go through, but know it's all so well worth it in the end. I hope he adjusts to it sooner than later. What a trooper ... both of you!

susannah said...

i love this post. you are a great momma!

our kids are so courageous!