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Normal is Good

The boys are hungry. They have grown tired of the snacks and now are more interested in eating the bread that was packed to feed the ducks. Mr. Z still has a smile on his face though. He stands, turns 360 degrees and then declares with pride, “I see the Washington Monument, The Capital and the Thomas Jefferson Monument all from this spot!” All while Mr. D attempts to rock the boat with the hope that Mr. Z falls into the refreshing cold Tidal Basin water.

A high pitch screech comes from Alexander's direction, I turn and ask, “What would you like?”

Eat more” he replies.

I dig deep into my bag and find another granola bar then hand it to him. His eyes smile as he gives me a big toothless grin.

Mr. Z then takes a deep breath and shares, “This is the best day ever... since yesterday!”

Indeed it is, especially since Alexander is eating, sleeping and happy. Life is back to normal.


thomas j memorial

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