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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

alexander hates hat

The Good: Thankfully his fluctuating fever has slowly gone away. My fear of infection is all but gone. (Knock on wood).

The Bad: He is seriously cranky. Meal time has been the most difficult time with him. I believe his taste is off. It seems he cannot taste the things he loved to eat prior his most recent surgery. Now his desired food menu includes ice cream, frozen blueberries, and popsicles. (Who wouldn’t want that?) With all the cold foods you think he would be teething?

The Ugly: The most recent examples. He cried all through breakfast (it is his third day in a row) and chucked his bowl of mixed berry (frozen berries from Costco) oatmeal across the floor. Ugh, lovely! He normally loves oatmeal.

Later tonight he cried all through dinner and proceeded to hang on the freezer door in protest of grilled chicken, corn on the cob and rice. He even was signing and saying "eat ice cream". Impressive, huh? I was so after an hour I chalked it up to post-surgery recovery and let him eat ice cream topped with blueberries.

Alexander where are you? I am hoping you’re back to normal really soon.

Input anyone?


josieposie said...

Was he intubated by chance during anesthesia? If so, maybe he has a sore throat and all he cares to eat is ice cream, for good reason! He's an amazing little boy, keep up the good work you guys!

tammy said...

Oh I hope he's feeling better for his sake and yours. I wonder if his throat is sore too. Poor guy (and poor mom, I know it's not easy). Here's to Alexander returning real soon and not getting too used to eating all these frozen goodies!

Jenny- Sienna's mom said...

Hang in there, a cranky toddler is no fun. Surgery is so hard on their little bodies. We are praying that Alexander has a speedy recovery!!

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping your little guy is back to himself really soon!!

They do say that sometimes taste disturbance occurs, but usually clears within a few weeks to a few months.

Maybe he knows that you're feeling sorry for him and he is using it to get what he wants. Little people are smarter than you think!

Whatever the case, let's hope he is feeling better soon!

leah said...

I'd venture a guess and say sore throat- my little guy has reflux and behaves the same way! Hopefully it will pass soon and he'll be back to his cheery self!

Angie said...

I hope he is feeling better very soon! What have the doctors said as you sent the photos of his 'battle wound'?

Sugar said...

It took about a full year before some of my sense of taste returned after my CI surgery, but it did not affect my appetite. Hope your little boy is feeling much better now and enjoying his new CI.

I'm an adult who received a CI two years ago this month and very happy with it!