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a pocket for alexander

do you remember the thrill Corduroy felt when he received his very own pocket in his overalls? our excitement was comparable when i made undershirts with pockets in them for Alexander.

the pocket has been very convenient and brainless to use.
anything to make life with an overweight and bulky ear/body device easier i am all for trying it out.
so to eliminate some of the hassle and holes that the pins leave in his shirts i decided to make undershirts and onesizes with a pocket on each of them.
in the test lab i made pockets up by his
in the middle of his back and
under his armpit.
i seem to like under the armpit the best.
the pockets are snug enough to hold the battery pack in the pocket while jumping, rolling and playing with brothers.

kid tested…mother approved!
who knows, maybe my mom and i will go into business making shirts with pockets on them.
would you like one or two pockets on your undershirt?


Who Knew . . . said...

How cool. I like that you even included a finished edge on it too! I would like an undershirt with a pocket for my ipod, my cell phone, my house key, and my metro card. 4 pockets please :)

Angie said...

You are a genius!!!! I love the idea. Start selling them in ebay!

Celeste said...

So cute, great job!