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Signing "More"

Even though we have chosen an auditory verbal (AV therapy) approach to teach Alexander how to listen and talk, we also feel comfortable using American Sign language to help support what he is hearing.
His cousin was recently diagnosed with a hearing loss, the cause possibly being genetic, but unknown for now and he too is learning sign.
Besides the activation appointments at Hopkins Alexander has therapy twice a week. One time at home and the other at Chattering Children. Common phrases used during a therapy session are, "I hear you" (pointing to my ear) after he produces a noise and "more?" "you want more balls?"

"I hear you"

Alexander signing 'more'.
Alexander can sign: more, airplane and all done.


Angie said...

I am sure you are seeing miracles happen everytime you turn your head. In nursery we are teaching our kids sign language as well: cracker, more, water, fish, etc. It is because my nursery partner has a deaf grandchild. The kids are soaking it all up. They are all such quick learners. Way to go Alexander!!!!

MB said...

That ball is Mari's all time favorite BBB toy! I found one at a consignment sale this fall and was so excited.

Tyler and Anne said...

Monica- this blog is precious. I am so glad I found it and could spent a few minutes getting to know your sweet Alexander and seeing your family again. You are a great mother. I am glad things are going so well for you guys now. Tell him to keep up the good work! :)

Ben's Mom said...


I just found your blog - it's great! I'm sorry I haven't been in touch, but I'd love to talk to you soon. It looks like Alexander is doing great. I'm so glad it all went well.