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sounds that count

it has been a month since our little
alexander has been activated.


there have been noisy days

with lots of babbling and

quiet days
when his mind is on overload
absorbing everything his brothers are saying.

lately alexander has responded to

"bear" with a "roarrrr".

he says, "aah" and fly's an airplane.

he is also saying, "baaaall" on occasion.

he is all boy and loves any ball of any size.

my hope is there is more progress in the month to come.

i look forward to him using both ears again soon.

it will be another 3 weeks before he gets his left hearing aid back.


Lucas'Mommy said...

Sounds like he's making great progress! How exciting... keep up the great work, Alexander!

Heather said...

Alexander is further in language development than Wesley. Wesley loves to play with balls too! We went to the little park the other day and wish you were there with us. Preston was playing in the woods and Wesley was playing with balls. I love reading your blog.

Celeste said...

Isn't it funny how, as parents, we really battle with the decision to get the implant in the first place and then once we do, we wonder why it was ever a diffuicult choice? It is so great to see him doing so well, congrats on all your hard work!

katrina said...

what a great sound!! yes, he is all boy growling..beautiful!

Dustin, Heather and Gavin said...

Hello, I found you off of someone else's blog. My name is Heather. My son Gavin is Deaf. He has a implant on the left and Hearing aid on the right. He is 2. He has LVA. It is exciting to hear about how well he is doing. The difference with the implant vs a hearing aid is huge. Gavin hears me 65 ft away from him, calling his name. He hears the Oven beeping in my bedroom upstairs! Now that is cool! I love the technolgy. I'm sure you feel the same. I would like to add you to my blog is that ok?
Check us out

-Heather and Gavin

Dustin, Heather and Gavin said...

Hello thanks for leaving a comment. I will add you to my blog. So yes That would be great if you would add me. We do plan on getting Gavin bilatal implants when his hearing drops enough. I'm so excited about the progress He has made with his implant. So two is the icing on the cake. Not all the mommies on my blog are lds but some are! Great job on your son's progress! I look forward to reading your blog more!