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first of all i am all for great deals!
at target in the $1 bin i found plastic
cows, horses, goats, and pigs.
they are great purchases for
therapy/playtime sessions at home.
i have been showing him the cow,
"moo says the cow.
the cow says moo."
for the past week.
this morning there was a breakthrough.
he responded, "oooo" several times
after showing him the cow.

not all therapy sessions are successful.
sometimes alexander just looks and smiles,
then is off to find a ball.
yesterday was not the case,
it was a fabulous session.
alexander not only signed more,
but simultaneously said, "mmm".
during the sound check we used instruments
to make noises 3ft and then 6ft away.
he turned to all of the noises even while being distracted.
then he imitated some ling sounds the therapist made.
he only was able to do it a few times before getting distracted.
what is next?
tomorrow i will add the hearing aid.
here's to surround sound!


Lucas'Mommy said...

That's amazing!! He's really taking off, congratulations! I hope surround sound goes well!

Angie said...

Congrats!!! Now when he will see a real cow, he will not only hear that cow, he will know what it says! Great milestone!

Celeste said...

I think that coupon code gives you 17% off...but I'm not sure. sorry!

cute post!

Dustin, Heather and Gavin said...

I love animals sounds! Gavin loves them to. The reason they are so great is cause animal sounds offer speech across the entire audiogram! Teaches great listen skills! Good job Mom on the dollar bin findings! I love the dollar stores. Infact Today I found a pirate figure there and playing with Gavin saying rrr! Like a pirate. Also I found out, just in case you ever wonder? A Helicopter says wop wop wop! I'm so glad we found each other. Keep up the great work! Your son is doing AWESOME! Check out my blog I found a really cool video!

Dustin Heather and Gavin