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new tricks

he can speak and dance.

take a look at our talented boy!

he is aspiring to be on
Dancing with the Stars

his other skillz:
signing airplane and saying "ahhh",

saying "eigh" like "neigh" when he is shown a horse and

signing fish like a crazy man.

he also is taking a few steps by himself
as he gets from place to place.

as far as adding the hearing aid back, he has seemed to like it.
the concern always is will the noise be to loud for him with the implant?
or will it compete with the implant?
or will the noise be "bad" noise compared to the implant?

in that case, children usually pull it out and throw it.

the hearing aid has been helpful in being able to localize where noise is coming from.

hopefully alexander will have more
tricks to share soon.


Who Knew . . . said...

I can't decide if I am more impressed by Alexanders new tricks including his breakdancing moves or your beatboxing skillz!

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

That is so exciting. I LOVE seeing his progress. He is such a character (just as your other boys are) He is just too cute. I love the break dancing video.

Spencer Family said...

We love these videos! Jordan wanted to watch them over and over this afternoon. Post more please!

Angie said...

I just love how big he smiles! Keep that breakdancing video for his girlfriends!

Lucas'Mommy said...

WOW! What is your secret? He is doing soooo great!!! I LOVED the breakdancing! Keep up the great work, Alexander!