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Be Successful

When your child is diagnosed with any type of hearing loss it is incredibly devastating.  It was for us at least.  To look beyond our feelings of doubt, and to find hope in the situation we needed to meet one successful child in the same situation as Alexander, just further down the path.  We did, that boy was Max.  At the age of 5 he showed us that being deaf still meant that you could talk, play, read and listen with friends, and family.  He filled us with optimism and passion to work hard to help Alexander find that same success.

Our dear friend Max is 11yrs now and still AMAZING…the next level amazing.   He and his family inspired us with the belief that there are no boundaries with hearing loss, just a lot of hard work. With that attitude anything is possible. 

Watch Max in a preview of his upcoming performance with the Seattle Symphony

(Below is a photo from their second time meeting.  Max 6, Alexander 1)



The Gathering Place said...

Wow! That is impresive!

Marcia said...

Incredible. The world is his stage.