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she’s right on

watch out!

now that she is walking on two feet nobody can stop her. (I was sure not to crop this photo for fear I would take out the shoes, for they truly make this spring outfit the cutest!)


she’s talking up a storm. a few favorite words are “hat, all done, dad, wower (flower), hot, off, ball, baoon (balloon) and up”

she’s walking, no running is more like it.

she’s eating anything and everything placed before her including burritos, bell peppers, cucumbers and her favorite…celery. she should be a gardener's daughter minus the burritos.


she has a killer body slam when her brothers least expect it.

she bounces a ball around the house when she is not occupied with eating or sleeping.

she is simply the sweetest.

and right on.


she’s showing off her “wheels on the bus” skillz.


she is saying good-bye to dad. it will be a few weeks before seeing him again.


we’re in heaven with her!


MB said...


A few weeks? Ugh! Let me know if we can help. I am around and can take one or more off your hands for a couple of hours.

Melinda said...

she is just adorable! Sounds like she is doing just wonderfully with her Ci's! :)