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i wouldn’t be lying if i said we have the most passionate airplane-loving  4-year-old on the east side of Dulles airport.  i have posted about this in the past.

it’s tradition to ride home with dad from church, park the car as close to the runway as possible and watch the international flights come in.  the 747, 787, 767. he lives, breaths, and sweats airplane power.


he does some of his best research at the library.

he clears the shelves of ALL  (fiction and non-fiction) the airplane books (there are 11 in our library) every week from the public library only to return them and wait for them to be placed back on the shelf and then checks them out again.  it drives his older brothers CRAZY. “alexander, you read those books last week and you have already watched the documentary on the Big Air Show enough to narrate it yourself!” 

an ajax recommended show:


zachary surprised alexander the other day by checking out a new airplane book from the school library. it’s a new favorite and not available at the public library which makes it completely golden to alexander and a huge bargaining opportunity for zachary..  “alexander, if you bring the trash cans down instead of me I will check out the air show book again.” it works every time. smart kid.

the new tool::



his passion is so contagious his teacher had a pilot visit the preschool to visit alexander.  she’s awesome like that.

alexander and pilot

the air and space museum is literally in our backyard, (okay a 5 minute drive, 8 if you get stopped at the light and 20 if you’re my dad). it has been alexanders playground on rainy days. he dreams of flying in the concorde, the super sonic jet. I know it doesn’t fly anymore, but he refuses to believe that.

it was april 17th when the 747 flew the space shuttle into dulles airport.  we could see it on the runway from our sunday watching spot!  on april 19th when all the kids got home from school we hopped in the car and headed for the museum. it was the grand ceremony of the space shuttle entering the “our” museum. 

we were there, front row (completely squished by all the newspaper photographers, but we didn’t care!)

here’s a great article in the washington post about the welcoming of this amazing aircraft.

space shuttle

he’s been floating in space ever since.


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