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on February 1st, it was her first.

it was reese’s golden birthday.


(ok, so I am a tad late in posting her birthday. sorry. been a bit busy around here).


our little sweetheart from the beginning.

announcement 2



tonight as i sat playing with her i was so so happy she was a part of our world. in our family.

there is so much to love about our little girl.


has it really been 12 months since she came into our life?

i want to plead with her to slow down and stop getting big already!  



reese is truly a delight!


her smile is infectious and so is her sweet spirit.

she makes the best 'i am so mad at you' faces, with no words just the sternest of looks.

and oh, how she loves to snuggle, especially with her dad.

it melts my heart watching the duo together.


she is on to bigger and better things discovering so much about the world outside her crib.  

“wipe it? or EAT it?”


“didn’t taste good.”



we're just savoring every moment with her,

fully aware that the firsts are a fleeting season in life…



(love the ruffles on the capri length leggings, don’t you?)


…and so the past 12 months in our family is changed for the better.


we laugh more.


we sleep less,


i have less (if any) discretionary time and shower less frequently.


but of course at the end of the day we love more deeply

with our reesy girl in our home.



happy birthday!

1 comment:

Naomi said...

She is just beautiful, AND she shares a birthday with my Miss Matilda. How amazing :)