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language: february love

The River School is an outstanding private school in DC that is known for their successful education experiences with both the oral and speaking deaf community.  Weekly, Reese and I visit with a handful of other parents to discuss best practices, and participate in infant group therapy.

They have agreed to let me post their monthly infant newsletter on my blog to share with you all, who have both hearing and deaf children. 

Whether or not your child can hear, taking time out to do one-on-one activities promotes so much goodness in all aspects of development.

Without delay, heeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrreeeee’s February!

(click on image).

feb newsletter

More February themed ideas include:

  • Gather as many red items you can find in your toy collection and introduce the “red ball”, “red bear”, “red block”. Ask questions using red before the noun. The purpose is to help the child understand there is a relationship between all the objects. The sounds are the same. Understanding and identifying different colors comes later down the road.
  • Wake up your infants senses by freezing heart ice cubes (any ice cubes would do) and play away. Touching, eating, and playing.


  • Make red jello jigglers and let your infant go to town.  This is a great language activity: “Its squishy”, “squeeze the jello”, “It’s so cold”, “poke, poke, poke”, “mmm, yummy!”                          Beware, it’s messy, but fun!


  • As suggested in the article above, teach your infant how to blow kisses. “Kiss the ____” and be sure to act it out with stuffed animals or brothers. They love the extra affection. 
  • Use your paper/ material scraps to make a Valentine’s Texture Book.


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