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six ling sounds

the ling 6 sounds are /m/, /oo/, /ah/, /ee/, /sh/, /s/.

if you say the sounds really fast “mooaheeshs” they sound like a swear word in some foreign language. these sounds become REALLY familiar when you have a child with a hearing loss.

checking to make sure kids with implants can hear all the sounds is crucial to make the listening process successful. older brothers are so helpful to make sure this test is part of our daily routine, especially since we have made a baby board book that they can use for the test.

this DIY (do it yourself) project is easy with mod poge, pictures and a blank board book.


the ling six song book idea came from the early childhood teachers at the river school in DC.

this is how it works:

have the child sit in a high chair. an assistant (usually my kids) will need to have “quiet toys” for the child to play with or look at to keep the child occupied. the assistant should not talk or make any sounds. with the presenter standing behind the child and out of the child’s visual range, present each of the ling 6 sounds individually. the assistant should look for any change in the child’s behavior that would indicate the child has heard the sound presented (turning of the head, shifting of the eyes, quieting behaviors, etc.). the assistant should point to his/her ear and comment, “You heard that!” with great enthusiasm and excitement on his/her face. the presenter can then come around into the child’s line of vision and reward them by repeating the sound and saying, “You heard that, I said ___.” the assistant should then regain the child’s attention with the quiet toys, so the next ling 6 Sound can be presented.

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J. Kramer said...

Hi! I just came across your blog - thanks for sharing your amazing story. Your children are absolutely adorable! My daughter was just implanted with bilateral CIs (8mths) and I love the idea of the 6-ling sound book. It's already on my "to-do list" for the weekend. Look forward to following your journey!