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havin’ a ball birthday bash

a basketball party was an easy choice for this 4-yr-old baller. 
his idea of a great morning is to send his brothers off to school, then he freely raids their closets for jerseys to wear.  to top off the morning he begs me to watch him shoot the ball “like michael jordan” over and over and over again. love it! 

favorite color: green

favorite food: cookies, anything with sugar

favorite number: 4

favorite game:  xbox connect sport.

favorite toy: jet airplanes

favorite sport: basketball

favorite quote this week: “it’s not my birthday!” he told the teacher at church.

“i’m just having a birthday party”.

blue basketball invite



EVERYONE was sporting their jersey, including jon and i.


3’s were exciting, full of independence and personality.

i sense 4’s will bring out the sassy side of this boy.


i will let the pictures do the talking on this fun filled party.


did I say everyone was sporting their jersey?

miss lyla didn’t have one. alexander almost asked her to leave. geez!





we played team-tic-tac-toe from the coach’s playbook

it wasn’t a hit, but the food and balloon games were.






parties over.

he was sweating sugar.

jelly beans, cake, cookies, you name it. it will do it every time.


in his own words," it was the best day ever.”

can’t beat that.

his favorite presents:

a might bean race track.

a new matchbox ship.

a lego jet plane (built all by himself!)

retired sean alexander official seahawks jersey.


he went through a phase on his birthday where he wanted his hair-do to be

like his older brother’s natural faux-hawk. 

it only lasted 5 minutes.


(the sugar was still pumping through his veins).

i should have sent our little ball of energy outside

to take the Christmas lights down.  err, i mean to get the mail.


one last birthday wish.

a haircut. okay it was my wish,

i have been dying to fix all the mistakes from the last cut.

oh, the joy of cutting your kids hair.

it’s a never ending cycle isn’t it? 

i am known to follow my boys around the house for a few days after cutting their hair to “fix it” until i am finally satisfied or until they hide long enough. then i surrender the scissors..



happy birthday ajax!


in 4 years you’ve taught us:

anything is possible.

kids can live on sugar alone.

passion is contagious. 

you’ve found your way to your father’s heart. basketball.

you know more than any of us when it comes to the 747, 767 and 777 jet airplanes. oh, and the concorde, your favorite, we can’t go there or  we get a never ending ear full.

you believe in 5 years you will finally be 9 like dallin so his friends can be your friends too. right?

no matter what food is put before you it will ALWAYS be too hot.

we love you to pieces!

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MB said...

Happy Birthday, Alexander!! Fantastic party!