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Surgery and Recovery

We may seem like pros when it comes to overcoming obstacles, especially with our children’s needs, but we are not. There is so much to learn.  One thing I am constantly reminded is we don’t get to pick our trials, but we can choose how we face them. 

Here is Reese patiently waiting and fasting until 9:45am.


She has no idea what is coming her way.


An accessorized snowman suit (for surgery).  We might as well have a little fun with it.


Pre-surgery hospital-sock puppet entertainment.


Then it happened…on her ninth month birthday she was implanted with 2 cochlear implant devices.  The surgery lasted a LONG 3 hours.

A combination of the IV fluid and medicine made her resemble someone else.  It’s a toss up between a missing character from The Christmas Story wearing earmuffs or Princess Leia. Poor girl.


Unfortunately she had a terrible time coming out of anesthesia.  Every position was completely unbearable, until finally resting between my legs seemed to offer some comfort.  


She is completely miserable.  We’ll do our best to get her back to happy self.

Here is a quick note from my husband to the well wishers.

First and foremost, thank you for all your prayers, thoughts and well wishes. Reese is at home resting well after she successfully received two cochlear implants yesterday at Hopkins from one of the very best doctors in the world.  All great moments are certainly not without a little tribulation which came when her facial nerve was blocking the entrance to her left cochlea.  This required the surgeon to carefully navigate around it and enter through the ear canal.  Nevertheless she has full control of her facial muscles and will have the ability to hear much, much better than before.  Our next trip up to Hopkins is at the end of November when they will provide the external pieces and turn her on. 


Lone Star Family said...

Happy to hear everything went well. Praying for a speedy recovery for your little girl!

tammy said...

So glad everything went well and she's home recovering. The team at Hopkins is amazing - we miss them dearly! Now the countdown to her big hearing day begins!!!

Ben's Mom said...

So glad to hear everything went well. I hope she is feeling better now. She is such a beautiful baby! Can't wait to hear about activation day!