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its been a bad hair day

Recovering from surgery has been as expected. Lots of crying, little sleep and little appetite.  Thankfully my parents have been here to help absorb all of the chaos. 


Most of the time she is not interested in eating or nursing (ouch for me!).  Her appetite usually decides to show up around 1:00am. That is when she wants the three course meal, complete with a warm roll.


When the bandages came off, she finally began to resemble her old self again.  But the hair….it was a problem.  We certainly did tip the surgeon enough to do a better shave job.  Her hair only covered the top and back of her head leaving us no choose but to shave it all off.


It all had to go. Here is to nine months of baby hair. Gone.


Fortunately, hats are in right now.



Spencer Family said...

Who needs hair?! She's adorable! Hope she starts to feel better soon!

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

Liam just got implanted yesterday and has a similar hair style. I'll post to my blog tomorrow. CJ was given his second implant two weeks ago and also has the same hair style. I personally think it's a beautiful thing when you consider what it represents. Congrats on those gorgeous new ears! She's going to hear the bells on Christmas Day!

Ben's Mom said...

Reese is gorgeous with hair or no hair. So glad to hear she is feeling better! Can't wait to see her with her new ears!

Bill and Shelly said...

Oh this brings back so many memories. Allison was 2 when she got her 1st implant, so she had a good amount of hair. They shaved only one side( she only got 1 implant) so we had to do some creative styling with her hair, but it was so worth it.
Looking forward to hearing how Reese is doing. When is activation day?