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as seasons come and go i eagerly await the chance to move and rearrange my furniture to find something better using what i already have. it's time for that change, especially with christmas fast approaching.

along with the seasons changing and my household furniture; my blog name is changing from to

the original name is a mouthful and some how two less words are going to make all the difference.

less is more, especially when i am asked what my children's hearing journey
blog is.

so there you go.

change is good.

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samanthak said...

hi! my name is samantha and i'm from jamestown, pennsylvania. i go to edinboro university and i'm in a child development class that i've decided to do a final presentation on deafness in children on. i read alexander's story and i am so touched! i love your level of positivity, and i was wondering if maybe i could talk about your personal story in my presentation. if it's okay with you, i'd love to give you my email address and maybe ask you some questions. i hope to hear from you, and happy holidays!