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and just like that, its wednesday


naturally there is a certain level of busyness that comes with six different schedules.  life’s happenings seem to run at a constant speed of GO.  rest has been far out of reach since our drive to north carolina last week (really it has been ever since we had three kids). visiting family was a blast.  thanksgiving, hikes, running and camping in the backyard were a few of the favorite memories. we arrived home in time for saturday chores, service projects and the annual event of hanging our outdoor christmas lights. that led to pulling out the rest of the christmas decorations. momentum only got us half-way through empting the boxes

(isn’ t that what always happens?).


by sunday night we were out of steam in terms of decorating. “why didn’t we wait until next weekend?” is what I kept asking myself.  the boxes were still not emptied when our friends arrived sunday night to play games. fortunately there were no injuries to report from tripping over boxes and christmas crafts.

it wasn’t until monday afternoon, when the kids and I were knee deep in play dates (kids are all home by 1:00 because it’s a short day so there were toys/homework/projects scattered…pretty much everywhere) when my husband called asking us if a captain in the air force, an acquaintance from work, flying in from Seattle could stay with us for a few days? 


unexpected guests are a norm around here, it is a boring month when we don’t have someone staying in our guest room, but we usually know them and they know we are typically clean people so they would love us through our declared natural disaster. did I mention I hate mondays? besides we had family night, scout pack meeting that I was in charge of, school assignments and reese’s activation in the next 48 hours.

after a shot of the good stuff….Naked Green Machine Juice…it was time to get to work.

i had 2 golden hours before arrival. somehow (I know…bribery) the kids, theirs friends and I picked up the house, prepared the guest room, took one child to piano, made dinner and rearranged furniture in the family room prior to putting up the christmas tree for family night.  I would have bailed on that, but we had pushed the kids off from doing it 2 nights in a row.



it was all under control until I remembered a friend was coming over so I could help her with a christmas sewing project all while we prepared awards for a pack meeting the following night.  did I mention I am cub master for my son’s scout troop?  don’t think I am complaining, I love it ALL, it just came crashing down at the same time. 


fortunately our house guest in all aspects is a very ‘normal’ person.  which is a good thing because his transportation to work and back is with my husband and he almost was given the option of babysitting or  being the master of ceremonies at the pack meeting.  to add to the whirlwind of the long weekend after hours (which is when the kids are tucked into bed) I’ve been recording holiday podcasts for

(recording a podcast still in my fancy scout uniform).


so just like that it’s wednesday. our zachary woke up with patchy and swollen skin from his archrival, poison ivy. it always gets the best of him. he looked terrible, not as bad as this case, so he was sent to school because today is november 30th. activation day. reese is having one of her implanted ears activated, turning sound on and hearing the quietest noises for the first time. EVER. its truly an amazing process to be apart of. for that I am thankful for technology, surgeons and therapists to help reese and teach us how to teach her.


in retrospect when I look at the events of the past few days I am overwhelmed with the incredible blessings we have been given and what awesome opportunities we have to give to others.

life is not perfect, but it is good.

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Anonymous said...

I am curious about the term inverted cochlea. How do they get the implant in there if it is inverted.
I see you have Dr. Niparko. Does he discourage you from using sign language? Would you or do you use any for when your child is not using the implant say when he is bathing?