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just because…


…i’m in love with this sweet baby and her beautiful face.

aren’t i the luckiest mom in the world?


Bill and Shelly said...

Your children are beautiful!!! I found you blog through several others that I follow.
I too, have 2 children with hearing loss, plus a husband with hearing loss. Our son, Jared is 10and has had hearing aids since he was 2. Our daughter, Allison is 8 1/2 and has bilateral cochlear implants. The 1st since 2005 and the 2nd in 2008. Our youngest, Jordan(3) has normal hearing
We are a father down the hearing aid, CI journey but still remember very clearly the heartache and fear that comes with finding out your child has hearing loss.
Trust me, it gets better, take it from someone who has been there, done that. Both our children are mainstearmed in regular classrooms and are doing great.
Feel free to check out our blog

Melinda said...

Your children are just adorable!!! Im sorry to hear that your little girl has just been diagnosed with hearing loss too. I have read back through your blog to follow your story better.I too found your blog through a few others that i follow too. My daughter has hearing loss & wears HA's.. It definately isnt an easy journey as you know, but you seem to have alot of support & love. What is your daughters loss? will she need a ci? I look forward to continuing reading :)