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They’re waiting for you…

…in your closet, the attic, online or down the street at the thrift store. 

It’s that time of year again when we search to find the perfect costume for our kids and possibly ourselves.

i have never been the type to purchase an already made costume for Halloween. In my opinion it takes all the fun and creativity out of it, Although this year my oldest son wants to be Draco Malfloy from Harry Potter. He fits the part almost too well.  i toyed with making such a simple costume, but the cost of the Slytherin patch and fabric for the robe alone was the same price as the complete costume i found at They have great prices.

It’s ordered. Draco Malfloy is on its way.

Any ideas for Alexander?  He has asked to be Yoda or Darth Vador, but i hesitate fully knowing his implants will slip off with something constantly rubbing on his head.


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