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Speak Up!

Yes, I love how vocal and chatty Alexander is.

Below are two videos capturing his growth and development. The first is a conversation solely with Alexander's new ear.  At least an hour a day is devoted to listening with his new ear activated only 4 months ago.  In this conversation I challenged him to listen from across the room which proves to be more of a difficult task. 

You can plainly see in the video below that his conversations are more fluent and with less hesitation when both the new and old implants are on.

Enjoy this brief videos highlighting his vocabulary.

There is so much more to teaching a child with implants to speak then just the words alone.  We have been focusing on voice fluctuation, fluency, turn taking and eye contact.


Hope your Friday is as fabulous as mine. 

The husband just arrived after ten days away on “business”.  Meals out in the town, paintballing and  conversations with adults; pleease that sums up a vacation in my book!  :)

While he was gone strep throat and cold sores visited. Ugh.  With a little help from my favorite math websites and our own Olympic course the kids and I made it through the long days home together.

Happy Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. My son is currently waiting for approval to receive two cochlear implants he too was born with profound hearing loss. He is 9 months old and has hearing aids for now.

I found your blog and you tube while doing research on what type of implants to get we are trying to figure out what company to go with.

Again I wanted to say thank you Its helpful to know others are and have gone through all the emotions and such that we are now going through.