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first, next, then, last.


the perfect conversation tool has been photos from a therapy session that were printed and laminated months ago. last week they were pulled out and used multiple times since then.

to recall his memory i told him the activity behind the pictures. then mixed the photos up and scattered them across the floor.   we reviewed the story again and through listening only he was challenged to find the appropriate picture and line it up next to me. for instance, “alexander, first we poured the water into the bowl. can you find the picture where we poured water? can you say ‘pour water’? good. 

next we squeezed the soap into the bowl. where is the picture showing us squeezing soap?” and so on…

for further conversation i asked what else we washed in the bubbles? did your fingers get wet or were they dry?

this activity is easy enough for my other kids to lead without my help. most of the time they put their own spin on it and alexander ends up speaking more to them then me.



Anonymous said...

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour..............................................

susannah said...

this is an awesome idea!!!!