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freedom vs. nucleus 5

cochlear processors side by side

So here it is, the side by side comparison of the Freedom and the Nucleus 5 processors. 

First of all it is thinner and lighter but “more stylish” is still debatable.  They all have chrome across the top rim for a reason I am unaware of. When he is wearing his processors he has been tagged with the name Silver Fox, they are nice and shiny. One thing for sure is it will probably not be on the next model.

Secondly, the indicator light letting me know it is on is a calming green instead of a rapid blinking ‘Night Rider’ red. Love that.

The third difference are the batteries.  Rechargeable batteries for the N5 have not been approved by the FDA yet, bummer I know. So we are doing our part making contributions to the landfill with 2 batteries for each processor every 2 days. The Freedom uses 3 batteries.

The fourth is the remote control which is much like a wii remote. It took the place of the behind the ear controls. To find out what program he is on I simply look at the remote instead of constantly pulling on his baby worn cable to read the screen. The remote has an awesome future that I personally want to thank Cochlear for including.  It beeps loudly when one of Alexander's processors falls off. Brilliant! So now I know when the processor is off his ear. Now if only they could program a GPS device for the N5 then life would be perfect.

alexander's post surgery 040


Naomi said...

very cool. I am looking forward to them being released in Aus. Maybe the silver is to remind you that they are titanium :). Have you lost the remote yet? I'm thinking that I'll be hunting for it, just like I currently hunt for my mobile phone.

Lone Star Couple said...

I agree with it being debatable on the stylish part. When I was picking out the CI for my son I was so confused because they said they were the thinner, lighter and smaller but I don't think so, but the remote part did spike my interest. I guess we will just have to find out!

Ben's Mom said...

Thanks for the information. Ben is getting the N5 also. He has his surgery this week. We can't wait.