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As life currently stands, things will always change. The pleasant things will inevitably come to an end. Like family visiting, warm cinnamon rolls, a bouquet of cut flowers, a child’s age.   It is unfortunate, but we get to learn and grow through change; although I typically drag my feet.

Not this time.

Today I was grateful for change.

Change in the weather.

Change in the leaves.

Change in my children’s health. 

Change in their attitudes.

Change from indoors to outdoors, it has been too long!

Change gave me moments like this today.

fall-leaves    fall days 043fall days 076   fall days 051

fall days 061 

fall days 062

fall days 071 fall days 078

There are no editing changes to these photographs. The colors are real, and brilliant.  I plan to enjoy  many more fall days filled with color until change happens again.

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Angie said...

Fall is truly a beautiful season! I love the crispness in the air. MMMM.