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lost and found

a hockey mouth that is.


my heart sunk into my shoes when the dr. decided mid-procedure that the tooth would need to come out because the root had also been cracked.  in a matter of minutes it was pulled. gone. bye-bye. didn’t that tooth just break through your gums 10 months ago? riddle me this: is a baby truly great if they have all 20?

i wish i had pictures, but the good ol’ snapshot is broken too.

ironically, he and his older brother lost their first tooth within a week of each other. 

i have decided alexander is the type of person who is out to prove the impossible is possible.   maybe he is on the road to becoming a motivational speaker. with a little humor he is well on his way.


Angie said...

But what did the dentist say? Will he grow an adult tooth when he is 6 and losing his other teeth? Or is this lost tooth permanent?

Ben's Mom said...

Sorry to hear about Alexader's tooth. I'm sure it won't affect his speech development - just one more thing for Mom to worry about:-)

Take care,