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cracked up


why do things break?

alexander’s processor stopped working on our long flight home from seattle. the spare was packed away in the luggage, so he spend the next few hours in silence.

i can deal with a broken processor, there is a back up and a nice cushy warranty on it.

as for alexander’s teeth, i can’t replace those.

alexander had a beautiful smile up until 2 days ago.

he ran after a brother on a cement pool deck, caught the toe of his shoe and smacked the ground as fast as i can say his name.

the end result? two front chipped and cracked teeth.

the dentist said he would need to pull one of the two. i began to cry. front teeth are necessary for speech, he needs them. they must be saved, if it is at all possible! of course it was a holiday, so finding a pediatric dentist was going to be difficult.


4 hours later, $451 and a free balloon to fall asleep with we had x-rays, a pediatric dentist that filled the hole in the back of his tooth and a promise to try and help save the teeth this week.


tomorrow we plan to head back to the pediatric dentist and anesthesiologist with the intent to do 2 crowns and possibly a root canal.

some kids are just more expensive than others, but completely worth it.


Prince Andrew and the Queen Mum said...

my heart is with you! andrew had soft enamel and we spent plenty of time at the dentist when h was young. then just last week- he chipped his lower permanent tooth. he has all sorts of other issues... (adhd..autisticish) the dentist is no fun. we were able to fix the tooth right now w/ just filling it in but need to keep an eye on it. always something. {hugs}

Lucas'Mommy said...

oh gosh... so sorry to hear that! I hope the dentist can save his teeth too. Lucas did a face plant a few months ago and chipped one of his front teeth too. Luckily, he didn't need any work, but it doesn't look very nice! I hope it goes well this week...