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How Are You FEELING?

Let’s be honest, girls are gushing with emotions from the time they are little. So when the emotion card concept came together, I knew my little girlie would be all over it.

This is another therapy tool that can be used for LOTs of speech and language play. 

The morning we attempted to pull this together my daughter and her siblings exhibited each emotion I was going to teach. So it wasn’t long before she mastered the language that went hand in hand with the emotion. It was all around us!  “Can you find a sad face? Who was sad today?  What about a picture of Reese? Yes you are sad, look at your lips and your eyes”   I also squeezed in some crafting vocabulary. “Okay, your turn to glue, turn it over and wipe, wipe, wipe.  Now push.  All done!”

Once the language for the emotions was introduced, the games began.

How Are You Feeling Games include:

  • use them like flip cards and mirror the face that is shown.
  • first say the emotion or describe it. see if they can make it or say it then show them the card.
  • lay the cards across the floor. when you say an emotion they need to go stand on it.
  • make a silly story about each emotion.


How are you feeling?

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Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

I like it! I just might have to make a set of these for Aubrey. She would probably really enjoy them.