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beyond boundaries

yet again we are reminded that limits don’t exist when you have a disability. 

after two days on skis he is ready to ride the mountain.

Alexander and mom

it helped that the snow conditions were PERFECT and 18 other cousins were buzzing around on the slopes.  yes eighteen, at least!!!

alexanderalexander on skis

a quick and easy way to get a beginner skier up and moving on skis is to tie their tips together. drill a hole in the tips of the skis, then tie a rope that is 6-8 inches apart.  then, walla! with a little instruction and lots of encouragement they are on their way!

on his skis I used an extra ski pass lanyard. the tied ski tip method helps avoid the splits, or any other messy consequences of tired legs.

with cochlear implants we found it best to use a helmet that has soft ears like the one below.  it will not push off the magnetic coil as easily as other helmets that are available.  as always tape the CI on the ear to lessen any chance of losing it in a crash.


in the weeks ahead I may have to remind him he is not ready for the Olympic ski team….yet….but with practice (he hates the P word!)  he can and will be ready soon enough.

alexander and mom on chair

the ski squad.

being able to speak is a good thing in this family. being able to ski means so much more. Smile

alexander and cousins

it’s a wrap for the day!


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