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its been busy around here! therapy, school, performances, remodeling, packing (we're moving…more on the later).

it’s nice to take a break from it all and enjoy the fresh spring air.  no therapy, no expectations. just play.

i needed a few minutes “off the clock” which made the springtime weather even more delicious then a box of georgetown cupcakes. (although I would never refuse the key lime cupcake, it’s good. really good).

springtime breeze. sunshine. a pinwheel. smiles.


my breathless, on the verge of passing out, 4-yr-old asks, “how did she get hers to spin so fast?”  ….wind my young Padawan.


then there is our geico pig “weeeeeeeing” all the way to the bus stop. see previous post.

(no joke, he’s a bit of a goof-pot).



time to get yourself some pinwheel action this spring. 

world market $2.00

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Katie Utter said...

Hi, my name is Katie, and I think your son Alexander was in the same class with my daughter, Abigail, last year. She's a little blond with cute pink hearing aids. We moved to Williamsburg this summer so she's in a new school now. Anyway, I just had a little boy a month ago, and he is having hearing problems as well. I was reasearching cochlear implants online and came accross your blog. I thought I'd just say "Hi."