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Preschool Speech & Language {Stacey’s Corner}

Developing Speech Sounds

Articulation Practice at Home

Ever wonder when your child should be expected to say a certain sound?  Thankfully Stacey keeps us in check with her simple Speech Sound Development by Age Chart.

preschool speech by age

In articulation therapy, we work on our target sounds in the

initial (the sound that starts the word),

medial (the sounds that fall within the word), and

final (the sound that ends of the word) position of words.

We practice our sounds in these positions at the syllable level, word level, short phrase level, sentence level and the conversational level, or spontaneous speech.

When you target one sound, you are focused on that one sound. If you pick a sound to work on at home, stay focused on the production of that one sound, even if you hear other errors.

Syllable practice (use the long vowel sounds) …. X= target sound * try mixing and combining them!

Initial: Xa…Xe…Xi…Xo…Xu (for example: kind of reminds me of the apples and bananas song)

Medial: aXa…eXe…iXi…oXo…uXu  (for example: ama…eme…imi…omo…umu  have fun with it!)

Final: aX…eX…iX…oX…uX

Here are your different levels:

Word level
A word based on your child’s age and ability that contains the target sound in the initial, medial or final word position.

Short Phrases Level
Descriptive word + target word (ie: purple puppy, silly purple puppy, etc)

Sentence level
4 or more words to make up a sentence containing the target word.

Conversational level
Listen to your child’s spontaneous production to see if they are able to carryover and use what they have learned in the hierarchy.

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