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Her Story

Recently I had the opportunity to share Reese’s story with the podcast listeners from  You can listen by clicking on the link.

Sharing her story with others is therapeutic in so many ways.  For one,  getting the truth out there, talking about it and owning the disability is a huge step in the grieving process.  It is humbling too. Having a child with a serious disability is nothing you ever plan for, but always know deep in your heart with each pregnancy there could be a possibility that you could be one of the choice parents that gets to teach, love and support their child at a different rate and in different ways then other children. 

Even though it has its challenges, it is an incredible process to be apart of. A real miracle to witness first hand.

therapytherapy 2 

It wasn’t always easy to look for the brighter side of our situation.

When the news was first delivered, it was like someone or something had died. “Your daughter has a severe to profound hearing loss” is what they said in a quiet, hiding their eyes type of way. 


Then nothing more. (It was the cue to cry I suppose). Not a “It may seem like a tough road ahead, but it will be okay, in fact it will be better then you ever dreamed". Those are the words that came from my mothers mouth later that day. I am blessed to have a mother who has taught me how to overcome challenges, my hope is to pass that on.

Even though I had been through the same moment a few years ago with Alexander, it still felt like a jail sentence:

“I hereby sentence you to a year of trials as you attempt to keep hearing aids on your frustrated baby, help her digest the language she is barely getting through her aids and go through the exhausting process of receiving cochlear implants from a team of doctors an hour and a half away.  You will also be sentenced to years of therapy a couple of times a week where you will be taught how to be your child's therapist and greatest advocate.” 

The sentence must have been mitigated. It doesn’t feel as heavy of a burden anymore.

Reese and mom

(I love this happy picture).

Now that she is 10 months and one cochlear implant into her journey, it seems far from a jail sentence, more of another exciting adventure to live for.  Everyday there is a new sound to listen to, a new noise babbled from her lips.  Everyday is a celebration, another dream coming to reality.

Her sweet activation video:

It is true, that when you have a child (or two) who struggle it is the family that rallies behind them that gains the most from the experience. So far it has been an unforeseen gift that has helped our family mature together in ways we never imagined possible.

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