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{for good and for bad} moments

moments of happiness take me by surprise. 

not often enough do i step back from life’s distractions to enjoy what is going on around me.  the flowers springing from the ground. the smell of clean sheets, the kindness of strangers.

most of all i forget to sit back and watch my children interact. finding joy in one another. most of all loving each other.

this past sunday i had one of those happy moments. between running up and down stairs looking for clean church clothes for everyone (i know i procrastinate) i walked past the guest room and saw miss reese lying on the bed. at first glance she looked alone.  then i heard someone else in the room.  i stopped by the door to listen. i was taken back when i realized it was dallin. he had not yet found any interest in reese  and here he was alone with her. lying next to her. not for the camera, just to be there.  i quietly listened,  “everything is going to be okay.  i know you can hear me...”

the camera was in my room, only steps away. so a quick sprint down and back gave me a chance to snap this moment.


we have been fasting and praying for reese. she has had a series of tests on her ears.  she hasn’t passed any of them.

Dallin and Reese

her last test was yesterday. going into it jon and i had such a reassuring feeling that she was responding to noise. unfortunately, she didn’t pass and was diagnosed with a severe to profound hearing loss. 


{knife to the heart}

the news was hard to swallow.  a sad moment in my life. oh, my little girl.  alexander’s condition is so rare, we were told that there was almost no chance that it would happen again.

to say that it was a waste of time and energy to fast and pray is not possible.  since the last failed test 3 weeks ago we have been comforted, not an ounce of sadness filled our minds during that time. we have been able to go day to day without a heavy heart.

we are on the same path we found ourselves on 3 years ago.  looks like we will have to muster up the strength to do it again.

the good thing is, we know what to do next.

reese, you have a very kind and wise older brother always looking out for you, he is right, you can hear him, through your heart…

…for now that is.


Susannah said...

such a sweet moment you captured/witnessed, mixed in with the many emotions of this last test. grateful that she has a brother who will go before her and protect her and understand her path better than we'd be able to.

praying for you guys.

Melanie said...

What Susannah said.

Thinking of you.

tammy said...

Thinking of you and sending you a lot of hugs as you start another journey. She's a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful family to hold her hand and lead her along the way.

PinkLAM said...

(A little late, but) congratulations on the birth of your gorgeous little girl. No doubt the news is tough, but she has a wonderful family with plenty of experience.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Praying for you... crying with you... knowing that she's blessed to have such a great family.

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

You can do this. You've done it before, and just look at the amazing results. I have a question for you, but don't want to post it here. Would you mind e-mailing me?

Reading this post made me realize there is a little something more than just amazing children with hearing loss we might happen to have in common and the curiosity is killing me.

MB said...

She couldn't have chosen better parents for this journey. And now she and Alexander will share this special bond. Good luck to you all, though I know you do not need it!

Anonymous said...

Hi there...I just happened upon your blog and thought I would just say hang in there.

I have a little boy, Henry, with severe hearing loss bilaterally. He is doing amazingly well with ha's.

I know that feeling you talk about...that ache when you first find out. It stinks. You cry for a while, you stomp your feet for a while, and then you just get on with life.

Everything will be okay.