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the hard /t/

Simple Therapy Idea:

Over a week ago Alexander’s therapist asked if he could say a number of consonants and vowels.  It was then I realized Alexander had not used the hard /t/ sound as in turtle.  Later I mentioned it to Sarah, his Chattering Children therapist, that he needed help in learning how to produce that sound.  She is the one who suggested combining the /t/ and /d/ sounds in an activity since he could already produce the /d/ in daddy.  The tongue is in the same position behind the teeth when making the sounds. 

The idea of the activity is to softly make the /t/ sound, then alternate to a loud /d/ sound. 

Eventually alternate the two sounds.

Have fun with it!

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A Year in the Life Of... said...

So much fun. You are doing a great job with his language development and making it fun in the mean time. No wonder he is making leaps and bounds in his speach. Way to go Monica.