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and then there was therapy…


it has been over 2 months since alexander’s left ear was activated. his progress has delighted my expectations.  the other day he was walking through the house saying “hello everybody”. as soon as i pulled out the camera i was only able to capture this.

all the work we have put into teaching him to listen and respond with his new ear is paying off.  in many ways we had to start from the beginning. sounds, rhythms, and songs had to be reintroduced. 

on our white board in the kitchen where our daily schedule is written i have made a box that says: song of the week is ___________.   the purpose of putting it on the family board is to encourage alexander’s brother’s and father (and me) to remember to incorporate the song into meal time, car time and bedtime routines. this week the song was wheels on the bus go round and round.

last night i overheard mr. D reading to alexander at bedtime.  alexander is slowly catching on!

with both of his ears on we have been working on 2 to 3 word sentences. for example: daddy eats oatmeal. mommy wants shoes. dallin’s gone. car goes bye-bye.  his favorite sentence thus far is, “______, where are you?”  it changes from anything we are trying to find. i believe at dinner time last night it was “napkin, where are you?” i must catch it on video to share it is priceless. 

below we are creating mobiles that “go round and round” when placed in the face of the fan.

Christmas 12 24 A_0011

an experience book was put together after an enjoyable therapy session making orange juice.  many of the pictures have velcro on the back so we can smell the oranges, and make them roll or bounce to add more verbs to his vocabulary. i love how his therapist, Kristen, added the sound symbols (i have to find out what they are really called) that i  incorporated into play earlier in the month. the /ee/ /o/ and /m/ were all found in the book with pipe cleaners.  alexander picked up on it instantly.

here alexander is listening to a presentation about mixing co2 with multiple other substances. very intriguing for the young and old alike.  DSC_0369 

when it was first proposed that alexander should be implanted one of my concerns was whether or not he would be able to recognize and hear music.  since then i have learned alexander can recognize the difference between talk and music. he loves it! he dances and even sing’s his favorite, “i am a child of god….” song at family night each week. below he is with his cousin leading the family night song…Christmas 12 25 A_0114

…and here he is busting out all of his moves for you.

looking ahead: in 16 days it will be alexander’s one year hearing birthday!