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let it snow


winter is here! cold weather and snow fall typically find a way to slow life down, alexander is an exception.  the change in weather has brought about a change in vocabulary. 

his little mind thinks so quickly. he has so much to share. i know this by the way he gives me a look with expressive eyes and eyebrows that would usually be accompanied with words if i were in a conversation with my other boys.  even though his signing and spoken language is limited, with what he has learned he is able to say, “cold…snow…cold” and “jacket on” also “dallin’s hat”. my all time favorite is when he demands, “mama down…shoes” meaning, ‘mom i will sit on the stairs while you put on my shoes’.

may winter bring about many more new words and sentences. have you found any helpful winter word games?

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MB said...

We have been working on words like scoop/scrape/spread/dump/pour in AVT with things like cookies & icing. Funny how I could use all those same words while Marielle was watching me snovel show this morning!

This afternoon she may get to learn words like heating pad and tylenol as I recover on the couch!