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Ready for second!

as i was contemplating a cochlear implant for alexander
a hearing aid was pulled from his ear,
chucked across the room and struck the back of my head.
it seemed as though he was saying,
"that's it! no more aids and no more molds please!
that being said, he has a surgery date scheduled.
in 23 days he will have two cochlear implants.

we still have concerns.
when alexander throws temper tantrums he stripes his ears of his equipment and throws them as far as he can. then he proceeds to get them and quickly dismantle them into a million pieces.
he knows he will get our attention if he does that.
a hearing aid and an implant are easy to spot,
but the thought of two implants thrown in opposite directions could be much.
also having to constantly follow him around the house to replace two implants back on his ears is an exhausting thought.

when are toddlers able to put their own implants on after they slip off?
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tammy said...

I will tell you it is wearing! Aiden has reverted back to the stage of tearing off his implants and dissecting them into every little part he can ... and then continues to chew on them. UGH! I can't wait for this to stop. He knows exactly what he's doing too, because he looks right at me and tears them off his ears before I can even make it over by him! We have "coil" search parties at our house!
So excited to hear Alexander is going bilateral! It really is amazing and I can tell when Aiden doesn't have both of them on!

MB said...

Congrats!! I had no idea they would be able to do it so soon. We are still hoping for October.

Ben's Mom said...

Great news! I know Alexander will continue to do amazingly well. It is a struggle keeping two CIs on sometimes, but it is getting much better the older Ben gets. We will be praying for you all on his surgery day.

Ericka said...

My 2 year old takes his hearing aids apart everyday! I wish they made the earhook and tubes in bright colors. I've spent hours looking for the one inch clear earhook. ugh.
Hope his surgery goes very well! :)

Sienna's mom said...

What a cute little boy you have! What great news with the decision of getting the 2nd CI for Alexander. Sienna is getting "hooked up" next week and as I commented on Tammy's blog...I'm afraid my little Sienna will be dissecting them also; she will be 2 this month. Please let this stage end earlier than later for us, to help us stay sane and to help this journey stay positive. Good luck with the surgery, we'll be thinking of you.

Angie said...

Isn't it interesting how your children can answer your prayers without them even knowing. Hopefully he will have as much success with the second CI!

Melanie said...

My son rips his off occasionally too. Do you use toupee tape and a critter clip? That helps a lot. Glad to find your blog.

Calley said...

Evie is now bilateral as well, and so far its been super frustrating keeping them both attached. The second day with them I was so flustered with her tantrums and the stupid things that I even chucked them across the room!! Then I realized that was like $14,000 equipment I just threw onto the carpeted floor!! YIKES!! I took a time out them. Its been much better since then.

She's already getting used to the new one. We use cut pieces of toupee tape and no extra wires or accessories to snag on things. Good luck!