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turned off?

i had another one of those moments.
they happen often.

it is when i am working extra hard to incorporate language in making lunch, singing songs with lots of expression and labeling everything i touch,

it is then that i realize alexander's implant is on him but not working.
how long has the light been turned off?
when did our conversation end? or did he hear any of it all?
it was working when i put it on him.
it must be so frustrating for him to have all of this great noise and then for it to go silent.

talk to me!
tell me that you cannot hear me anymore.
why does this happen?


Lucas'Mommy said...

I agree, it's frustrating! I can't wait until he walks up to me and hands me his ear to put it back on. I hope it's sooner rather than later...

tammy said...

UGH ... oh how I feel this frustration! I was having, what I thought anyway, an awesome language opp for Aiden, when I noticed that both his CIs were off!!! Soon ... hopefully soon they'll learn someway to tell us the CI is off!

Ben's Mom said...

I just found your blog- I LOVE it! Alexander is ADORABLE.

You are a great mom. He is so lucky.