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it happened this week...

people, first of all i am so excited about alexander's progress this week.

he says, "mama" now.

he is pretty much all i can talk about after therapy sessions.

i tried to share my excitement with a neighbor who has older kids, she politely smiled and scooted off. i tried to share my excitement with my husband and he so kindly gave alexander a big squeeze and that was it. as you can see i can be incredibly boring when it comes to my excitement over alexander's language development, so that is what you are here for.

at therapy this week we took pictures to make an experience book.
this book will have simple, repetitive words.

"pour, pour, pour. pour the water."
"mix, mix, mix. mix the bubbles."
"wash, wash, wash. wash the cow "(or duck, etc)
"pat, pat pat. pat the cow dry."

the possibilities are endless, but consistent and simple.
once he gets it i can begin to elaborate on each picture.

after we finished the activity
i was able to capture this adorable video of alexander
babbling about the animals.

so cute, wouldn't you agree?

i especially love the part when he turns to tell his therapist that he is talking about the "moo" (cow).

doesn't my voice get annoying?
more language the better.

i am ambitious like that.


Tiffany said...

he is so dang cute. and i'm with you and your excitement. i can only try to imagine how exciting that would be!!!! i think i'm probably not included in your surprise gift thing since i never posted about it... you can just choose the next person in line. oops! i'd love to get something hand made from you!!!

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

Hehe, I love it. I was watching the video and Madison comes running over to the computer to watch too and said "tute" meaning cute. We are really excited about his progress as well. I think he does better with speaking then some of my friends little kids who are the same age as Maddie (20 months). That's a big deal. You can tell that you actually spend time working with him, which I believe is important even without a hearing loss. This kid is going to have some great experiences to share with others down the road.

Lucas'Mommy said...

MAMA is HUGE! I'm super excited for you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


I especially am grateful for your reports on Alexander. Keep them coming.

I have deep empathy for him since my hearing is slowly deteriorating. I go to the Audiologist Monday for further checks.


Angie said...

I love how Alexander tells the therapist about the 'moo'! Very cute video! And that is WONDERFUL that he keeps making such progress! HORRAY!