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he's got this giggle...

let me just say alexander has a
bubbly way of laughing.
it is his giggle and it is contagious.

he giggles a lot when i sign to him.
it must be the expression on my face,
i usually look like a foolish clown at the circus.

when we are playing and i am signing,
i usually end up giggling like a little girl
listening to him laugh at me over and over again until
he falls over from too much laughter.

oh, how i love the belly ache i get from laughing.
i just can't get enough of this little boy.

as he learns language he is also
developing a great sense of humor,
with a hint of mischievousness.
he has found a love for
flour and flowers.
why are tractors in my baking flour?
you're planning to smell that flower right?!
nope, he took a good bite out of it.
at least it is better then choking on the
dandelion seeds like last time.
big milestone:
in the past 2 weeks he went from
crawling to walking to running.
i love it!


Liz, Karl and Madison said...

I'm glad I'm not alone on the Mischieviousness! It must be the age. All of your boys have SO much personality... I wonder where they get it from?

Angie said...

So my kids aren't the only ones in flowers? PHEW!!! I love his giggle! Now that he is running, I am sure you are chasing him!

Dr.Rutledge said...


Great picture. Alexander is just so adorable. Thank you for sharing the experience.

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Celeste said...

I got your email about my involvement with Wellsphere. I, too, saw that article a few months ago...after I had already done it. I did it because a lot of other CI blogging moms had done it, that I trusted. It hasn't made a difference to me either way, it hasn't helped, but hasn't hurt either. I did email asking that my blog be removed, but don't know if it was.

tammy said...

I love your blog! I just found it through Ben's Big Family blog. We too live in the DC area (moved here from TX in Oct) and are always eager to meet other CI families! Our son Aiden was bilaterally implanted at Hopkins in February and turned one year in March. Your boys are adorable! I would love to chat offline sometime! my email is aidensmom0317atgmaildotcom.